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Pre-Army Academy head: Some girls have sex for social status

Danny Zamir says many young women use sex to climb up in social ladder. 'Prostitutes have sex to make money, while rejected young women do it to gain status,' he writes in article

Unpopular girls use sex for social advancement. Men have an emotional advantage over women during the act of penetration. These "subtle" observations were made by Chairman of the Pre-Military Academy Association Danny Zamir, in an article that lashes against sexual promiscuity among teenagers.


"Society encourages and is preoccupied with sexual promiscuity, and does not understand that there is no real equality between men and women in sexuality," Zamir told Ynet.


In his article, titled "On sex and love from a secular-humanistic viewpoint (and also: why boys are more responsible)," Zamir explained that there are young women who have sexual intercourse in order to climb the social ladder.


"During my encounters with the adolescent youth, I concluded that certain girls with a problematic social status or who are not popular will use their willingness to have sex as a sort of payment that promotes them socially," he said.


Zamir compared the behavior of these "promiscuous" young girls with the work of prostitutes: "If we think about it there is no real distinction between this and giving prostitution services.


"A prostitute has sex in order to make money, while a rejected young woman does it to gain social status. In both cases the man/boy gets to enjoy the woman/girl's body only because of economic/financial or social gaps – so in fact he is exploiting someone who is weaker," he said. 


"Moreover," Zamir noted, "sexual actions embody the most intimate and revealing moments a person can reach and so both sides experience great intimate exposure. I won't be 'politically correct' and say add that in customary relationships between heterosexual couples, where the male penetrates and the female is penetrated there is a situation in which the male has an emotional advantage over the female."


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