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Israelis crave pizza
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Pizza sales soar after Passover
Mishlohim website reports of 38% rise in fast food deliveries at end of holiday compared to regular day. Most orders made in central Israel
Goodbye matzah, hello pizza: As Passover came to an end Monday evening, Israelis rushed to consume leavened food. The Mishlohim website reported of a 38% rise in fast food deliveries at the end of the holiday compared to a regular day on the week before Pesach.


The website measured the food delivery orders as of 7:30 pm, when the holiday ended. According to its report, the sharpest increase – of about 50% - was recorded in the pizza arena, while hamburger orders saw a 30% rise.


The yearning for leavened food appeared to be bigger than last year, as deliveries were up 20% on Monday night compared to the end of Passover 2009.


Guy Naor, director-general of the Mishlohim-Shop company, said that most orders were made in Tel Aviv and central Israel, from national chains and local restaurants which continued to sell bread during the holiday.


"We did prepare for this craziness, but comparing today to March 22 shows a huge difference," he noted.


The data were taken from a statistics report which the website's managers have access to. In order to order by phone through the website, one must call a national phone number and dial an extension number. Every call is automatically directed to the required restaurant, and when the call is disconnected it enters the statistics report.


It appears that Israelis' biggest craving was for pizza. The Domino's Pizza chain reported selling 90 pizzas a minute from 5:30 pm Monday.


The leading chains Israelis ordered from, according to Naor, were (in random order): Burger Ranch, Moses, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, 1+1 and Pizza Meter.


"Noodles were also ordered, but these deliveries are not as prominent," Naor said. "In Jerusalem and Haifa the delivery rate was much slower than in the center, but there too most orders were for pizza."


Why pizza of all types of food?


"Because it's the most chametz (leavened) type of food."


But kosher pizza was sold during the holiday.


"Yes, but it wasn't tasty."


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