Kam. Behind closed shutters

Anat Kam: Access to docs was easy

Suspect in case of classified documents leaked to press issues short biography: Ballet, journalism, family, preliminary pilot's course

Anat Kam, at the center of the security affair and accused of espionage, is under house arrest in her home on Malakhei Israel Street in Tel Aviv, where she heard media reports behind closed shutters.


During TV broadcasts, she told her roommate about the lack of compartmentalization in the army office where she had been, and said access to the documents was easy. "It's not logical that there was access like that," she said.


Nissim Duek, the public relations expert serving Kam said, "There is a very big gap between the media talk and the facts which will be revealed in court. The fact is that the court decided to place Kam under house arrest, despite the State's motion to arrest her and allowed her to keep working as a reporter.


"Kam was exposed to documents together with hundreds of other junior soldiers, how is that to be explained if those were indeed so classified. How can one explain the fact that she was arrested over a year after the article's publication? The security elements are trying to paint her as an enemy of the state and she is not."

Why was she arrest only a year later? Anat Kam.


Attorney Eitan Leheman, representing Kam, will issue a press release Thursday and answer reporters' questions in his Jerusalem office.


The office of Kam's PR representative has issued a biography to the press, prepared by Kam:


• Born 1987 in Jerusalem


• Studied in Ofek school for the gifted while attending regular school


• Graduated from high school in Jerusalem


• Was a Scouts guide and went to a camp in New York as part of delegation


• Has danced classical ballet for over 10 years


• From September 2003 to March 2005, worked in the education supplement of the Jerusalem paper (former Yedioth Jerusalem); in January 2005 started writing for the youth page of Walla!, the ZONE


• In April 2005, before being recruited for military service, attended a preliminary pilot's course but did not pass


• Joined army in July 2005 for general training, and then moved to the office of the Central Command


• In August 2007, about two months after being released from the army, started working for Walla!


• In November 2008 started studying history and philosophy at Tel Aviv University


Kam also wrote about her family.


"My parents: Ada Gerscht, social worker in the Ministry of Welfare, and Yigal Kam, former insurance agent and guide in Israel and abroad.


"My father was wounded as a paratrooper during reserve military duty in 1968. I have two sisters and a brother from my father's former marriage. My brother has two children and one of my sisters has a daughter and another child on the way. The same sister is married to Sami Sokol, a reporter for the Washington Post, and of course nothing was passed on to him."


Vered Luvitch also contributed to this report


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