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Naked leftist irks settlers

Leftist activist undressed in religious settlement during Shabbat protest, angry residents say

Creative protest or hurtful provocation? Residents of the religious settlement of Otniel were in for an unexpected surprise Saturday after "hosting" a group of 15 leftist activists, including a woman who they say took her clothes off in a residential neighborhood.


According to the settlers, the leftist group arrived at the religious settlement in the south Mount Hebron area on Shabbat and attempted to provoke a commotion at the site. During the protest, one of the female leftists removed her clothes and only kept her pants on, they said.


"She started to play the flute while sitting on a rock," one resident told Ynet.


Security guards were called to the scene and attempted to remove the group, but the leftists resisted, later also objecting to a soldier's demand to leave the community. Eventually, police officers arrived at the site and detained the woman.


"She was questioned at the Hebron police station and did not cooperate with the interrogators," Judea and Samaria Police Spokesman, Gil Elhadad, said. For now, the woman was released but was ordered to stay away from the area for the next 15 days.


Ynet learned that the woman, a well-known leftist activist, is a Givataim resident in her 30s.


"We're dealing with an ugly act and a terrible provocation," Otniel's Spokesman, Yehuda Glick, told Ynet. "We're simply stunned that leftist activist would sink so low and undress in the center of a religious Jewish community."


Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) said the incident indicates that "handling of the radical Left must shift from the police to welfare authorities."


"We're dealing with a handful of delusional people who are morally bankrupt," he said.


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