Yellow stars in Tel Aviv
Photo: Avia Ben-David
One of the patches. 'Druze'
Photo: Avia Ben-David

Yellow star patches hung around Tel Aviv

On morning of Holocaust Remembrance Day, residents discover someone has hung patches similar to those forced on Jews during Holocaust throughout streets, each with different minority in Israel inscribed within

Yellow patches make an appearance in central Tel Aviv. On the morning of Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day, residents of central Tel Aviv discovered an unusually crass act of protest.


Dozens of yellow patches in the shape of Jewish stars, similar to those Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust as a source of public humiliation, were hung throughout the night on Rothschild Boulevard and the outlying streets by anonymous people.


The emotionally-charged symbols were exploited here as a protest against ongoing discrimination against minorities and various groups in Israeli society.

'Lesbian' (top) 'Woman' (bottom) (Photo: Avia Ben-David)


The patches were hung on electricity poles and street signs. Inside each star, where the word for "Jew" was written during the Holocaust, the name of a different minority group was indicated.

'Ethiopian' (Photo: Avia Ben-David)


Among the identities making an appearance in the stars' inscriptions were: Ethiopian, autistic, bimbo, Muslim woman, Bedouin woman, Palestinian woman, illegal alien, mental patient, fat girl, lesbian, woman, queer, transgender, and Druze.


Who was behind the act of protest remains unclear.


Tel Aviv Municipality reported in response: "The municipality is investigating the issue. If necessary, the patches will be removed."


Avia Ben-David contributed to this article


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