Anat Kam, to remain under house arrest
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Judge Procaccia, 'Serious offences'
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Court aggravates Kam's detention conditions

Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia rules former soldier charged with stealing classified documents, handing them over to journalist, to remain under 24-hour house arrest for duration of legal proceedings, under family's supervision. Kam also ordered to report to police station once a week

Anat Kam is to remain under house arrest, under more aggravated conditions, and the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that her affair is one of "serious criminal offences, for which the expected punishment could be serious and substantial."


Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia, accepted in part the prosecution's request and decided to aggravated the conditions of Kam's house arrest. Kam has been charged with serious espionage, after steeling thousands of classified documents from the Central Command chief's office during her military service and transferring them to Haaretz journalist Uri Blau.


The prosecution requested the court remand Kam until the end of the legal proceedings against her, and Kam appealed the conditions of her detention alternative. Judge Procaccia ruled that Kam must remain under full house arrest – 24 hours a day, until the end of her trial, and would require the supervision of her father, mother, aunt or sister. She was also ordered to report in person to the police station closest to her home once a week.


A court-ordered evaluation of Kam determined that "the respondent has various emotional difficulties that may lead her to act in a self-sabotaging matter with regards to violating the conditions of her detention alternative."


The Judge ruled, "The acts attributed to the respondent point to a deep internal distorted perception of a soldier's duties to the military system it is required to serve, and a serious perversion from the basic responsibility that a citizen owes the state to which her or she belongs.


"The solder's taking the law into her own hands, out of one motive or another, which ended in the secret theft of thousands of documents, some of which were classified with the highest level of confidentiality, handing them over to be published to the masses, while violating basic confidentiality obligations, and consciously taking a substantial risk of harming vital security interests, constitutes a violation of criminal and disciplinary norms of the most severe degree.


"Added to this is the fact that the respondent is not sorry and has expressed no remorse over her actions, and she claims her actions were ideologically motivated. Under these circumstances, there is still the danger that further use may be made of documents that have yet to be retrieved and are still being passed around freely out of their owner's control," the judge ruled.


In response to the ruling, Attorney Eitan Lehman, who represents Kam along with Attorney Avigdor Feldman, said, "The court actually rejected the core of the prosecution's claims and ruled that Anat should remain under house arrest."


Kam's media advisor, Nissim Duek, added, "The Supreme Court once again ruled that Anat poses to threat to the State of Israel's security and can therefore remain under house arrest. A request for an additional hearing was filed on the light aggravation, since, unfortunately, the prosecution presented to the court untrue facts claiming that Anat violated the conditions of her arrest and that she still possesses forbidden materials."


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