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Poll: Model Israeli citizen serves his country

Survey conducted ahead of 62nd Independence Day shows most Israeli-Jews believe country needs more honest citizens. Center for Torah and Democracy: This is a message to our leaders

Serving in the IDF or performing national service is key to being a model Israeli citizen, according to a poll commissioned by Ynet and the Yesodot Center for Torah and Democracy ahead of the country's 62nd anniversary.


According to the poll, the majority of Israel's adult Jewish population believes that integrity and a sense of fairness are the two qualities the country's citizens need to improve on most by the year 2020.


The survey was conducted by the Panels Research Institute among 497 respondents made up of a representative sample of the adult Jewish population in Israel with a maximum sampling error of ± 4.4%.


The first question asked by the surveyors was: "What do you think it takes to be a model Israeli citizen?"


about 80% percent of the respondents said model citizens are those who either serve in the army or perform national service; 36% said a model citizen is tolerant and respectful of those who are 'different'; 25% chose preserving tradition and religion as the main attribute of the model citizen; 13% - social activism; 12% said the model citizen is family oriented, 7% said higher education was the mark of a model citizen, while 4% said the model Israeli-Jew is willing to "work hard."


The second question was: "What does Israel need to improve on most in the coming decade?"


Some 63% of the respondents said the country is in need of more decent and honest citizens; 25% said Israel's Jewish identity must be enhanced, while 12% said the country should be "more democratic."


According to the poll, secular (74%) and traditional (65%) Israeli Jews are mostly concerned about the honesty and decency of the country's citizens, while the ultra-Orthodox (92%) and religious Jews (68%) want Israel to become "more Jewish."


Yesodot Director Shoshi Becker said of the survey's findings: "The desire for decency and integrity crosses all sectors, and this should be taken into account by all of Israel's leaders and citizens on Independence Day.


"There is a clear call here for Israel's leadership, civil society and education system to weed out the corrupt and dishonest and bolster the will to serve the country, respect its laws and accept the other," she said. 


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