Gabi Gazit

Radio host: Haredim, settlers are leeches, parasites

Talk-show host Gabi Gazit draws fire for slamming settlers, calling for expulsion of haredim

Radio talk-show host Gabi Gazit slammed the ultra-Orthodox community and settlers Wednesday, following two Independence Day incidents including flag-burning by members of anti-Zionist sect Neturei Karta and clashes between the IDF and residents of the Yitzhar settlement.


During his program "Non-Stop Radio", Gazit called the Haredim "leeches," "parasites" and "worms", saying they should be sent out of the country or else kept within their own neighborhoods, disconnected from the national water and electricity grids.


Ynet learned that Haredi figures have already contacted lawyers and intend to ask the attorney general to bring Gazit to trial for incitement. One of those involved explained that when such an incident targets an entire group rather than an individual, only the attorney general is authorized to launch an investigation.


"The fact that until now nobody has been charged is a crime, and we need to put an end to this kind of thing once and for all," he said.


The same source claimed that this was incitement "par excellence," since Gazit's words against the Haredi and settler population were "an exact copy of what the Nazis said against the Jews."


He added: "If he had said such things against Arabs or Moroccans, he wouldn't last long. Speaking out against us, he knows nothing will happen to him, so he permits himself such words. Maybe the settlers will respond as any normal group should respond to a case like this."


MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) claimed that Gazit's words amounted to "unrestrained incitement" and said he would submit a complaint with the Israeli Press Council and the management of Non-Stop Radio against Gazit, who spoke in a "bestial and brutish way against an entire community."


"The incitement uttered on his radio station could have destructive and dangerous consequences," Gafni added. "There is no doubt that if he had dared say half of what he said on the program against Arabs or any other population group in Israel, he wouldn’t last even a minute in his job."


MK Uri Orbach (Habayit Hayehudi) said to Ynet, "The Israeli public is mature enough to avoid rising to such childish provocations. Cursing settlers and stalking Haredim who didn't stand to attention during the siren (marking Israel's Memorial Day) is so outdated, almost like listening to Gabi Gazit."


Meanwhile, the Israel Association for Civil Rights also came out against Gazit.


"The organization rejects in disgust the slander broadcast by radio host Gabi Gazit, which was intended to smear an entire group," a representative said.


"The Haredim are citizens and residents of the State, and they have a right to water, electricity and clean streets, or to fly abroad from Ben Gurion Airport, entirely independent of the amount of tax they pay. The 'Israeli values' he espouses include democratic values and freedom of speech, which include the right not to stand to attention during the siren or not to respect the State's flag," the group said.


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