Katz. 'Young people influenced by a foreign culture'
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Horowitz. 'Narrow-minded people'
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MK Katz: Cancel 'gay pride meeting' at Knesset

In letter to Knesset Speaker Rivlin, National Union chairman says 'shocked' to receive invitation to event organized by Meretz MK Horowitz

National Union Chairman Yaakov Katz has asked Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin to cancel a gay pride conference organized by Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz), which is scheduled to take place at the Knesset on June 1.


The meeting is expected to be attended by leaders of the homosexual and lesbian community in Israel, Knesset members, ministers and the family members of the victims of a shooting attack at a Tel Aviv GLBT club last August.


In a letter addressed to Rivlin, titled 'Protecting the Knesset's dignity", Katz wrote: "I was shocked and amazed to receive an email invitation from MK Horowitz to attend an event at the Knesset on the subject of 'pride day'.


"Alongside the strange name, which symbolizes the opposite of any normal ethical value a human being should aspire to, all the more so a Jew, the possibility that such a provocative event will be held in the house of Israel's lawmakers should concern every member of the Jewish culture.


"Our holy Torah, the Torah of life, sees the world's existence in its normal and healthy form as a supreme value. Our Torah referred to what this conference is meant to represent as an 'abomination'. Within a nation which is a source of inspiration, our role is to be the pillar of fire lighting the way for the rest of the world's nations, which are watching us and learning from us," Katz noted in his letter.


"We do not seek to impose a way of life on the individual, but it's unthinkable that the individual would impose his desires and way of life on everyone else and especially not on the general public's symbols."


Horowitz: Katz obsessed with gay community

It should be noted that Horowitz held a similar conference about a year ago, and that the Knesset speaker welcomed the initiative and even addressed the participants. Katz said he had not known about the event last year.


"Concepts which used to be holy and pure are wearing out, and there is a sense of confusion among young people influenced by a foreign culture… We must do the right thing and examines ways to encourage family values based on Israel's heritage."


Horowitz said in response, "The letter is disgusting. It should concern not only members of the gay community and their family members, but anyone who cares about Israel's existence as a democratic state. MK Katz and his friends from the extreme Right are leading an inciting campaign and seek to turn Israel into Iran.


"It is now clear that MK Katz, who is obsessed with the gay community, has learned nothing from the attempted murder at the Jerusalem Pride Parade in 2005 and from the murder in 2009. The Knesset must face these words of defamation... and this is what will happen in the conference, which will take place in spite of the narrow-minded people."


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