iPad. Coming to Israel soon
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iPads authorized for entry into Israel

Communications Ministry lifts ban on bringing Apple's new computer into country

iPad receives immigration visa: The Communications Ministry will notify Customs authorities on Sunday that it is now permissible to bring Apple's new computer into the country.


About a week and a half ago, the ministry deemed it forbidden to bring the iPad into the country, citing incompatibility with Israel's Wi-Fi standard as it is configured to run on American Wi-Fi settings. Some 20 devices brought from abroad were confiscated and transferred to Customs.


The ministry lifted the ban Saturday night, claiming that tests run on the computers revealed that the device automatically adjusts its wireless broadcast intensity to match local standards, making it possible to run iPads in Israel without placing unnecessary strain on Wi-Fi networks.


The ministry will authorize personal import of iPads – in other words, one computer per person – and the confiscated devices will be returned to their owners.


The price of an iPad abroad starts at $499. Apple's distributor in Israel, iDigital, praised the ministry's decision and announced that the iPad will be launched in Israel in the coming months.


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