The burning UFO
Photo: Ilan Lilush, Tel Aviv Police
The object after is stopped burning
Photo: Ilan Lilush, Tel Aviv Police

Burning 'meteor' a man-made object, geologist says

It is still unclear what exactly fell from the sky on to Bat Yam's beach on Saturday, but one thing is for sure: It's not a meteor

What was the burning object that fell from the sky on Saturday? The question remains unanswered, but the options are narrowing down.


On Sunday, director of the Geological Survey of Israel, Dr. Ittai Gavrieli, told Ynet that an examination of a small particle of the unidentified object unequivocally determined that it is not a meteor or any other celestial object, but rather a man-made object.


"It is definitely not a meteor and not a different natural substance – somebody created it, and it did not appear from outer space" said Dr. Gavrieli.


Gavrieli was not surprised that the object continued burning for a long while, and repeatedly rekindled, even though it was put inside water. The explanation, he said, was simple, "The object had high concentrations of phosphorus, which is naturally ignited when it comes in contact with air and with  inflammatory material."


So what could it be? Dr. Gavrieli said he was "not familiar with such incidents occurring in the past. Maybe other sources can answer questions such as how it's made, who made it, etc'."


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