Brighten up the gloom
Photo: Seth Wolfson
Spraying away
Photo: Seth Wolfson

The color of hope

Group of graffiti artists from New York visits Sderot, turns its shelters, streets into colorful murals

The Color Red, an alert that disturbs the daily routine in the southern city Sderot every once in a while, got a whole new and slightly more optimistic recently.


Graffiti artist group Artist 4 Israel came all the way from New York to pay a visit to the Qassam-ridden city and brought along with them a full spectrum of colors – blue, green, pink, yellow and red.


Their mission: Adding some life and color to the city's buildings, streets, walls and even shelters.


The artists at work


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Craig Dershowitz, Artists 4 Israel president, said the shelters give the city a gloomy and unpleasant vibe, and hoped that by adding some color and beauty they will be able to brighten the sadness.


One of the non-Jewish artists to join the journey was Sarah Brega, who used to spray stencil drawings of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir around New York.

Sderot, after the paintwork (Photo: Seth Wolfson)


Brega explained that the groups' non-profit mission, dubbed Paint Israel, was to express support for Israel's right to exist in peace and security.


The artists were scheduled to tour Israel and visit the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, where on Saturday they were set to present their work at studio 16/23, before flying back home.


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