Kiryat Yam shore
Photo: Doron Golan

NBC: Kiryat Yam mermaid might be real

Film crew of documentary shot last summer in northern Israeli city catch on tape figure diving into water, claims it proves existance of mermaid living on city's shores

Does an NBC network documentary confirm the reports about a mermaid living on the shores of the northern city of Kiryat Yam? The investigative report was filmed as part of NBC's Destination Truth, which follows unique natural phenomenon all over the world. It was broadcasted several weeks ago.


As part of the report, the show's film crew spent a whole week on the beach of Kiryat Yam and filmed morning and night, both underwater and above it. The crew claimed that during one of the late night outings they managed to spot a human figure dipping in the water – and then disappearing underwater.


The show's researchers hurried and dived after the figure, but were unable to trace it. The show's findings, along with the footage shot by several bystanders, were transferred to the Center for Coastal Ocean Research in Los Angeles.


The center's director, Michael Shacht, examined the evidence and said that although it was impossible to unequivocally determine that the figure in the footage was indeed the natural phenomenon called 'mermaid', it still remained a viable option.


According to Shacht, the team might have succeeded to capture the rare phenomenon on tape.


Kiryat Yam's municipality said it will continue to investigate the matter in order to collect conclusive findings. Meanwhile, the investigative report received many responses in the Unites States and drew a lot of interest among viewers and ocean and sea researchers around the world.


The municipality expressed its satisfaction over the investigation's findings, and said they proved that all the testimonies collected by eyewitnesses who claimed to have spotted a mermaid-like figure were indeed true.


"We are not disregarding the possibility that the network might try to collect the reward we promised those who can prove the existence of the water nymph. The prize is for $1 million (about NIS 3.7 million) and is waiting for whoever can present actual evidence of the phenomenon," a municipality spokesperson said.


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