Arbiv in court
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Police: Man pimped minors for sadomasochistic sex

Shay Arbiv, 25, suspected of selling sexual encounters with runaway girls at his Tel Aviv apartment

A 25-year old man has been detained by police on suspicion he ran a prostitution ring of underage girls, the court cleared for publication Thursday.


Police say a search of his moldy and neglected apartment in Tel Aviv revealed whips, sticks, and handcuffs that were used in hundreds of sadomasochistic encounters between the young girls and their customers.


The suspect, Shay Arbiv, allegedly advertised the girls online and on business cards. The victims were mostly runaways from various shelters and Arbiv, who found out where they were hiding, allegedly threatened to disclose their location unless they began working for him.

Arbiv with victims


Police say they have collected the testimonies of nine such victims so far, in an investigation that spanned a number of weeks. It began with the simultaneous arrival of a report to social services and intelligence saying underage girls were inviting men to have sadomasochistic sex with them at an apartment in Tel Aviv.


Chief-Superintendent Miri Peled, head of the district's interrogations department, was placed in charge of the investigation. Her officers made contact with the victims, who led them to Arbiv. He was arrested on April 27 and released by the court to house arrest.


Police say their probe revealed that Arbiv, who resides in a low-rate apartment in the southern city, took advantage of his neighbor, an underage girl, and in addition to using her as a prostitute also used her computer to sell the victims' services. He allegedly got hold of the other girls through her.


The ads the suspect allegedly published online and on cards read: "The queen awaits you" and "Want to be my slave?" Apparently the ads were a success, as police say hundreds of encounters took place in the apartment over the past year. They say Arvbiv charged his customers hundreds for each rendezvous.


"This is a serious case of exploitation of girls for sexual services. The suspect took advantage of the girls' state and for a year pimped them for profit," Chief-Superintendent Peled told Ynet.


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