Ameer Makhoul

Makhoul's wife: We're not scared

Wife of Arab-Israeli espionage suspect Ameer Makhoul slams his late-night arrest, carried out in front of his daughters, tells Ynet Shin Bet wishes to 'bring Arabs back to Middle Ages'

The arrest of Arab-Israeli writer and activist Ameer Makhoul on grave espionage charges is no more than "an inflated story and political persecution," his wife told Ynet Monday.


"We're not scared. We have nothing to fear," Janan Abdu Makhoul said, after the affair was cleared for publication Monday on Ynet's request. "I connect the arrest to declarations by the Shin Bet chief, who said they will deal with the Arabs even if they act legally."


"The Shin Bet seeks to bring the Arabs back to the Middle Ages," Makhoul's wife said. "When a Jew meets another Jew in various locations worldwide he is not required to apologize or provide a report about it, yet if Ameer meets a Palestinian somewhere in the world he needs to report it."


Makhoul's home following raid (Photo: Facebook fan group)


Janan Makhoul told Ynet the family woke up last week at 3 am after agents knocked at their door.


"I looked out the window and saw many people," she said. "Sixteen people wearing blue, including one woman."


Makhoul said she attempted to approach her husband after he was held by two investigators but wasn't allowed to.


"I told the investigator: 'You're not allowing me to go over to him,' and he replied disparagingly: 'Who's the master of the house, you or him?'" she said.


'We know you're strong'  

Makhoul added her two daughters, 17-year-old Hanad and 12-year-old Huada woke up as result of the commotion.


"I kept on asking the people who they are and why they're arresting him. At one point one of them told me: 'You want violence? We can have violence. Be quiet," she said.


Investigators entered the rooms of the two girls, confiscated two laptops and cell phones, and disconnected the fridge, the espionage suspect's wife said. When one of her daughters wanted to go to the bathroom she was allowed to do so only with a police female escort, she said.


Addressing her detained husband, Makhoul said: "We know you're strong and aren't afraid. You're a well-known man in the world who expresses his views freely, and you'll continue to do so. They don't want people with an identity; this is what scares them."


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