'Join hands.' PM at Tel Aviv conference
Photo: Mati Elmaliach
'Things are changing.' Ben-Eliezer
PM: Radical Islam with nukes – danger to mankind
Netanyahu tells Russian-speaking journalists, 'Great tragedies occurred when dangers were not recognized in time'; calls on Moscow to help efforts to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions

Amid international efforts to impose fresh sanctions against Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Russia to cooperate with Israel in order to curb the Islamic Republic's nuclear ambitions.


Addressing the World Conference for the Russian Language Press in Tel Aviv Sunday evening, Netanyahu said, "The greatest danger mankind faces is a radical regime - without limits to its cruelty - obtaining nuclear capabilities.


"Radical Islam with nuclear capabilities poses a grave danger to mankind," he said, adding, "What is currently regarded as terror will be completely different if it will have a nuclear umbrella."


The PM also told the conference, "We are at a historical crossroads. The greatest tragedies to befall the Jewish, Russian and Ukrainian people, occurred when they did not recognize danger in time. I expect all peace-seeking nations to join hands to stop evil." Cooperation between Israel and Russia could help in this regard, he added.


Addressing the twin bomb attacks in Moscow's subway system last March, Netanyahu offered his condolences to the Russian people and said, "Your enemy is our enemy, and vice versa." He urged Russia to help block of radical Islam.


Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer also commented on the Iranian nuclear threat on Sunday during a conference on the Israeli-Syrian conflict and said Israel has the ability to shut down Tehran's nuclear program.


"Things that are currently changing in the Middle East are so dramatic that a new regional order is being formed with Iran becoming a nuclear power. I don't see anyone stopping it," he said, "It is not as though we don't have the capabilities to stop the Iranian nukes, but I don't see anyone who is capable of allowing Israel to sleep calmly."


The Minister added, "Iran is a central link in the creation of a terror network in Iraq, Syria and Turkey, which is slowly joining this axis despite my efforts to conduct dialogue with them.


"Peace with Syria would have an even greater significance than the peace treaty with Egypt," said Ben-Eliezer. "The Sinai Peninsula is a very effective buffer between us and Egypt, but we don’t have this kind of buffer (along the border with Syria)."


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