Nasrallah warns Israel
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Nasrallah threatens to hit ships

Hezbollah leader threatens to target any vessel heading towards Israel in future war; Shiite group now able to inflict as much damage as that caused by Israel in Lebanon during 2006 war, he says

Lebanese rhetoric escalating: Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah said on Tuesday the Shiite group would attack all military, civilian and commercial ships heading towards Israel's Mediterranean ports in any future war.


"If you (Israel) put our coasts under siege in any future war, I say all military, civilian and commercial ships heading to Palestine's coasts on the Mediterranean will be under the fire of the Islamic resistance fighters," he said via a video-link.


"(As for) those ships which will go to any port on the Palestinian coast from north to the south, (I say) we are capable of hitting it and are determined to go into this..if they besiege our coasts," he said.


"When the world will witness how these ships will be destroyed in Palestine's regional water nobody will dare to go there just as they will block (others) from coming to our coasts," he told thousands of supporters.


Earlier this year Nasrallah threatened to hit Israel's Ben Gurion airport if the Jewish state struck Beirut's international airport in any future conflict.


Hezbollah marks IDF pullout

Nasrallah added that Hezbollah now had the capability to inflict as much harm on Israel as it did in Lebanon during the 2006 war.


The Hezbollah leader made the remarks during the keynote event marking the 10th anniversary of the IDF withdrawal from southern Lebanon, being held in the group's Dahiya stronghold in Beirut.


"We were the ones who forced upon the enemy the scenario, timing, and terms of its defeat and escape from Lebanon in 2000," he said, adding that the "victory" created a new equation in the region.


Nasrallah claimed that concerns and confusion are growing in Israel and that officials admit that the Jewish State is facing major challenges. This is why Israel "goes from one drill to the next," he said, adding that its main vulnerability and strategic problem is the Israeli fear of war and its results.


Nasrallah opened his speech by expressing his appreciation for Lebanese killed in clashes with Israel, mostly focusing on his predecessor Abbas Musawi and on top commander Imad Mugniyah, who were both assassinated.


In a speech last week, Hezbollah's secretary-general urged followers to impart the legacy of Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon similarly to "what Israel does with the Holocaust, whether it indeed happened or not."


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