Activists upon their return to Turkey
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IDF releases names of flotilla 'terrorists'

Army claims terror activists among passengers of Marmara, some aiding Iran, al-Qaeda, Hamas

Israel released the names on Sunday of the Turkish passengers aboard the Marvi Marmara who it claims have been involved in terror activities.


Among those named was Fatima Mohammadi (31), from Iran, who lives in the US and is active in the group Viva Palestine. Mahmadi tried to bring electronic components into the Gaza Strip, which Israel has forbidden.


Ken O'Keefe was also accused by the IDF of having ties to terror. O'Keefe (41), who holds US and British citizenship, was described by the IDF as an "extreme Israel-hating activist, Hamas activist. His aim was to reach Gaza for training and to set up commando units for Hamas."


There were also two Turks on the list released by the IDF. Hassan Aynsey (28), a member of a Turkish charity association, regularly transfers funds to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, the IDF claimed. Hussein Orush, from the Turkish IHH organization, intended to assist al-Qaeda activists into the Strip via Turkey.


Ahmed Omemun (51) from Morocco, who also has French citizenship, is a Hamas activist, according to the IDF.


Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc referred earlier to Israel's claims that the organizers of the flotilla were responsible for the attack on Iskandurun.


"Our intelligence services are seeking material on this," he said. "We have no concrete information on this."


He said Israel loses from the flotilla affair, while the activists were victorious. Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu denied that the IHH, which was behind the flotilla to Gaza, is a terror group.


"If Israel has the name of a terrorist who was on the flotilla, it should give it to us and we will check it," he said.


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