MK Ahmad Tibi
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Tibi gets threatening letter

New York-based Pulsa Di Nura organization sends Arab MK letter saying, 'You have 180 days to live. Your sudden death will be accompanied by terrible suffering and agony'

Threats against Arab Knesset Members continue. A letter containing death threats was sent to the office of United Arab List MK Ahmad Tibi on Tuesday, a day after threats and curses were left on his assistant's voicemail.


The letter, which was sent from a New York-based group by the name of "The Pulsa Di Nura Organization", said the Arab MK would soon meet his death. The letter, which was written in English said, "You have 180 days to live." It added that his death would be "sudden" and "accompanied by terrible suffering and agony."


Following receipt of the letter, Tibi filed a complaint with the Knesset's sergeant-at-arms.


The letter that was sent to Tibi's office


"Due to your poisonous continued anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist activity, the board has issued an official spell against you," the organization wrote to Tibi. "This means that you have at the most 180 days to live: Your sudden death will be very cruel and accompanied by terrible suffering and agony."


The organization went on to suggest Tibi prepare his will, and the letter was signed, "Johann Rasmunsen".


The Knesset member passed the letter on the Knesset Guard, and he received a number of instructions on what precautions to take.


When asked about the threat by Ynet, Tibi said, "It is a harsh atmosphere, the incitement doesn't cease, not on the street and not in Knesset. Knesset members from the Right should be held accountable for this foul wave against Arab MKs, and should be held accountable for any harm caused me or any of my colleagues.


"They are running a witch hunt against us. I am not afraid; these things will not change our position."


On Monday, a message was left on Tibi's assistant's mobile phone, which is registered under Tibi's name: "Your days are numbered, you dirty Arab. You will meet a miserable end… Your days are numbered".


Earlier Monday, MK Talab El-Sana (United Arab List-Ta'al) received a fax reading "you're dead."


"I blame the fascist Right for inciting this poisonous atmosphere, while trying to gain political capital from this crisis," El-Sana said in response. "They are trampling on the fundamentals of democracy."


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