Misezhnikov: Obligated to bring him back
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Katz: Israel must object
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Ministers want Mabhouh suspect in Israel

Tourism minister suggests Israel use relations with Poland to fight Uri Brodsky's extradition to Germany, meanwhile Mabhouh's brother reiterates desire for extradition to Dubai, says arrest is another Mossad 'embarrassment'

Government ministers on Sunday objected to the extradition to Germany of an additional suspect in the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Uri Brodsky, who was arrested in Poland.


Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov called on the government to utilize its relationship with Poland in order to convince the latter to allow Brodsky to be tried in Israel, despite Israeli assessments that his extradition to Germany is as good as a done deal.


"I don't believe the arrest of an Israeli citizen in Warsaw will amount to a crisis with Germany. They need to prove that he did indeed commit the acts he is suspected of. Because he is our citizen, we are obligated to bring him back to Israel," Misezhnikov told Ynet.


"We should make use of our great friendship (with Poland), which has shown endless support of Israel recently. Poland must tell Germany that this is an Israeli citizen who must be legally handled in his country. Our legal system is known throughout the world and can handle this issue," he said.


Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz added that "Israel must object to the extradition of an Israeli citizen to another country, regardless of the reason for his arrest".


But Mabhouh's brother Hussein said Brodsky's arrest was just another embarrassment for the Mossad.


The brother said he and the rest of the family had not received any official updates on the ongoing affair, and were mainly using the media to update themselves.


"We hope the man who was arrested will be extradited to Dubai so the authorities there can question him, but we have received no promises or guarantees that this will happen," he said.


According to reports Saturday, the German probe conducted in recent months revealed that Brodsky's role was to assist Mossad men in acquiring German passports.


This would mean that Brodsky was responsible for the logistical operation in Germany in respect to the Mabhouh killing, where the hit team apparently used a real German passport issued to a "Michael Bodenheimer."


Polish officials confirmed that the Israeli suspect was detained in connection with the Dubai assassination.


Ali Waked contributed to this report


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