Ahmadinejad, 'Israel's demise near'
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Ahmadinejad: Sanctions meant to distract world from flotilla raid

Iranian president says new UN resolution against his country's nuclear program attempt to distract world from 'Zionist regime's crimes'

The Iranian president on Wednesday tied the fresh set of sanctions recently imposed on his country to Israel's bloody takeover of the Gaza-bound aid flotilla. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said UN Security Council Resolution 1929 was actually an attempt to steer the word's attention away from Israel's actions.


In a speech in the western city of Kurd, Ahmadinejad said the main purpose behind the fourth round of sanctions approved last week was "to rescue the Zionist regime from the heavy pressure of global public opinion".


He said the United States and its ally "thought that by approving an anti-Iranian resolution, they could save this regime."


The Iranian leader criticized the West, saying that "instead of condemning the Zionist, they are supporting this regime. The Zionist regime has reached the end of its path and any attempts by countries that support it to rescue it will not only fail, but will bring this criminal regime closer to its demise."


Last week the UN Security Council approved a series of sanctions against Iran over its refusal to suspend its nuclear program. It was the firmest resolution to be passed against Iran to date, and focuses on economic steps and a weapons embargo.


In the past, the Security Council has approved three rounds of sanctions against the ayatollah regime – the first in December, 2006, the second in March 2007, and the third in March 2008.


The international community's moves do not seem to have deterred Iran, which announced on Wednesday its plans to build a new nuclear reactor. Head of the Iranian atomic energy organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, said the new reactor is to be built "for research purposes."


He added it would produce more energy than the reactor currently at work in Tehran. "We have begun building additional reactors in the north, south, east and west, in order to produce, sell and export medicine to the region's countries and to aid the Islamic states, as many of them are in need."


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