'For wellbeing od students.' Sa'ar
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Haredim protest in Bnei Brak this week
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Ministry of Education: Don't arrest Emmanuel mothers

Minister Sa'ar to request High Court to forbid arrest of mothers for sake of children, haredim optimistic

Taking a step back - Ahead of a High Court hearing on Sunday regarding the arrest of 22 mothers from the West Bank settlement of Emmanuel who refused to turn themselves in, the Ministry of Education will recommend that the mothers not be arrested.


Meanwhile hundreds of haredim gathered overnight at the Maasiyahu Prison in Ramla to pray and sing in support of parents being held there for refusing to send their girls to a school that does not separate between Sephardim and Ashkenazim.


A Hassidic Sabbath ceremony was held, accompanied by music and speeches. On Sunday the protestors plan to erect tents at the scene, adorned with signs dubbing them 'The roar of Emmanuel'. The name comes from that of a yeshiva established when Aryeh Deri was arrested, called 'Roar of the Lion'.


Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush announced he would move his office to one of the tents, and the Hassidic Slonim Dynasty is considering doing the same with the office of its chief rabbi.


The protestors are also optimistic about the upcoming court decision on the matter of the women who refused arrest, in light of the Education Ministry's recommendations.


In an official statement, Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar said the decision was made out of an overall view that reflects the wellbeing of the students.


The announcement came following the State Prosecutor's Office announcement, according to which it does not object to the cancellation of the mothers' arrest.


According to estimates, the hearing will include the panel of judges – Hanan Meltzer, Edna Arbel and Edmond Levy – without representatives from either side.


Levy on Friday ruled that the mothers' detainment will be delayed, after they failed to report to a detention center in Jerusalem.


Also on Friday, the Noar K'Halacha organization, which filed the original petition to the High Court against the segregation of the Beit Yaakov girls' school in Emmanuel, filed a response to the petition for the parents' release, asking the court to consider an alternative to their imprisonment, such as revoking funds and licenses.


"The circumstances in this case clearly show that the parents will continue to violate the court ruling and will not send their girls back to the school," read the response.


Police sources told Ynet they were preparing for the High Court's ruling vis-à-vis a renewal of the arrest warrant against the mothers, and will act accordingly.


Haredi sources said they will do everything in their power to prevent the arrest of the mothers. One source said "the protests that were held against the arrest of the 'starving mother' will be duplicated by 22 if there's an attempt to forcefully arrest them."


Yaheli Moran Zelikovich and Aviad Glickman contributed to this report


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