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Girls exposed to obscene images (illustration)
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10-year-olds watch porn films at religious school
Girls studying in Raanana school tell principal boys made them to watch online adult films with them. Municipality: We reduced website filtering level for a limited period of time to allow students to take part in virtual competitions
Children studying in a religious school in the city of Raanana have been watching porn films online. Girls studying in the same school informed their principal that the boys, aged 10 and 11, would invite their female classmates to watch the films with them.


The boys would enter sex websites, shut off the computer screen and then asked the girls to help them fix the "glitch". The girls, who realized the screen was closed, turned it on and were exposed to the obscene images and films.


The girls reported the incident to the school management, but their parents say the school did not inform them of what had taken place within the educational institution and they found out about it by chance.


"We turned to the school management, demanding to know how such a thing could happen and what was being done. But the management told us that the matter was being taken care of and refused to provide any details on how it was being handled and whether the children were punished," one of the parents said.


"We are religious. We don't want our children to be exposed to such sights at home, and definitely not at school. The most irritating thing is that the management tried to hide it from us."


The Raanana Municipality said in response, "Every school in Raanana has an advanced system for filtering websites with a high control and filtering level, which prevents students from entering adult websites.


"Throughout the school year, as the children take part in virtual competition, the filtering level is reduced for a very limited period in order to allow the students to study on scientific websites. The matter was handled immediately by the school principal, and the parents of the involved students were called for a meeting."


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