Halutz. 'No one should test Israel's abilities'
Photo: Yaron Brener

Halutz on Iran: Israel will know what to do if threatened

During interview with Alhurra TV network, former IDF chief of staff says, 'I don't advise anyone to test Israel's abilities'; notes Second Lebanon War now appears as great success

"The State of Israel has the right to defend itself. It has the power to defend itself and if it is pushed into a corner then I assume it will know how to do that," former IDF chief of staff Dan Halutz said during an interview with the Alhurra TV network.


When asked about the Iranian threat, Haltuz said, "Any country, certainly Israel, has the right to evaluate the situation itself and decide how to protect the wellbeing of its citizens."


"The State of Israel has proven in the past that when threatened, it knows how to stand on its feet and do what needs to be done. I do not advise anyone to test those abilities," the former IDF chief said.


Haltuz, who headed the army during the Second Lebanon War and resigned following the Winograd report, has not changed his attitude towards the war.


"The Second Lebanon War, in its outcomes today, appears as a great success. There are those who win with words but sit in bunkers, and those who do the job and can go around freely knowing all is quiet and that someone paid a great price for what they tried to do."


On the same issue Halutz added, "Looking back four years, if one had to write a report now it would have been an entirely different report."


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