Nasrallah embracing new tactics?
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Hamas: Ships do more than rockets

Terror groups increasingly shifting to non-violent means in bid to isolate Israel, report says

The two terror groups responsible for most Israeli casualties in recent years, Hamas and Hezbollah, are increasingly towing the line with Fatah's non-violent approach given the success of such tactics, the Wall Street Journal says.


According to the report, Hamas believes that the recent flotilla incident caused more damage to Israel than military operations, a conclusion that may signal a shift in the group's condcutg.


"When we use violence, we help Israel win international support," senior Hamas man Aziz Dweik was quoted as saying. "The Gaza flotilla has done more for Gaza than 10,000 rockets."


Referring to the flotilla raid that left nine people dead, the Wall Street Journal wrote: "The incident triggered international condemnation and plunged Israel into one of its worst diplomatic crises in years."


'Using peaceful protest as cover'  

Another enthused supporter of "civil disobedience" tactics is apparently none other than Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who urged his followers to take part in future sails to the Strip.


Hezbollah member Ghaleb Abu Zeinab said this marked the first time Nasrallah had so clearly embraced such tactics against Israel.


"We saw that this kind of resistance has driven the Israelis into a big plight," he was quoted as saying.


Israeli officials have also taken note of the change and are concerned by it.


"People who are provoking violence are using peaceful protest as a cover," government spokesman Mark Regev was quoted as saying. He added that terror groups are still committed to Israel's destructions, but believe they can achieve more by prompting global isolation of Israel via non-violent means.


Hamas lawmaker Salah Bardawil summed up the group's thinking: "Hamas used to believe (international support) was just empty words…today it is very interested in international delegations…and in bringing Israeli officials to justice through legal proceedings."


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