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Couple arrested for loud sex

Neighbors startled by loud groaning at 5 am, cops arrive to find noisy couple in offensive mood

At around 5 am last Thursday, residents of Hankin Street in Holon were awakened by loud noises coming from an apartment in the area. Annoyed by the groans and moans, they called the police. Four officers were sent to the designated home.


"I opened the door to the police covered in a pillow, with my partner wearing nothing but underwear," the recently detained woman told Ynet. "The officers' accusations and their aggressive attitude shocked me, so I answered them cynically."


But the officers were apparently not amused. They slapped the noisy couple with a fine of almost $100 at the scene, after the woman asked the female cop whether she did not emit similar noises during intercourse.


But there was more to come. When the couple descended the stairs in an attempt to get the fine revoked, the officer asked the woman for her ID. When the latter refused, she and her partner were cuffed on the spot, and forcefully inserted into the police cruiser.


They were placed in custody, and criminal records were filed against them for insulting a public official, a charge that carries a prison sentence of up to six months. The couple remained in custody until the early afternoon, for the most part cuffed.


"When I asked the officers whether they didn't make noises when they had sex, I must have hurt the uniformed souls profoundly," the young woman told Ynet.


She said she found the case especially threatening because she holds a security-linked position. "Neither of us has a criminal record. I can't believe that in one moment, and for nothing, Israel Police can just come into a citizen's private abode and turn him from a regular civilian into a criminal. I could lose my job over this," she added.


Holon Police responded, "The couple was detained for questioning after cursing and yelling at officers who arrived at their apartment due to disturbance of the peace, of which the neighbors had been complaining. The two refused to identify themselves, and were released after interrogation."



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