Two detained rioters
Photo: Avi Shapira, 24 news

Haredim riot over 'obscene' plasma screen news updates

Some 25 Eda Haredit members protest outside postal branch in Bukharim neighborhood in Jerusalem, demanding Ynet news updates shown inside site's screens be removed. Two rioters who broke inside, hit security guards detained. Postal Company withdraws police complaint in attempt to reach settlement

A haredi riot broke out on Sunday in a postal branch in Jerusalem's Bukharim neighborhood over Ynet news updates. A group of 25 ultra-Orthodox protested at the site over plasma screens showing Ynet news updates which they referred to as "abomination." Several rioters even attacked security guards standing outside the branch.


The haredim are claiming that internet news updates shown in the branch are forbidden as they include "immodest materials."


Postal employees were shut inside the branch while the rioters attempted to break in and destroy the plasma screens. One rioter told Ynet that they are demanding the updates be removed from the site which is located in what he described as a "haredi area."


Two of the protestors managed to forcefully enter the branch, clashed with security guards, unplugged the electricity cables and were shortly thereafter arrested by police. Dozens of protestors from the Eda Haredit and Neturei Karta faction sprayed a grafitti on the branch's windows reading "an end to immoral publications."


The rioters also tore down a mail box and dropped it on the ground.


A postal employee told Ynet that the rioters hit several of the employees. When police officers left the site the protestors shouted out "Nazis" and "Zionists", however no physical clashes were recorded.


Compromise attempts

Police are now trying to reach an agreement with Eda Haredit leaders who demanded the updates be removed and the two detainees be released. They threatened to impose a boycott of the Postal Company similar to the one maintained against the real-estate and construction company Electra for its involvement in the Andromeda construction project in Jaffa.


Israel Postal Company said in response that the incident is an isolated affair which they are trying to resolve quickly in order to resume service for local residents. "The Ynet updates that were shown did not include any offensive materials and therefore it is unclear why the commotion started.

Nevertheless, we are hoping that the good relations with the residents will be maintained," it was stated.


It was further stated that the Postal Company would withdraw its police complaint against the rioters.



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