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On the menu: Kosher guineafowl, locust

Unique feast held in Jerusalem offers kosher 'delicacies' made of meat of rare animals, birds in effort to preserve historic kashrut traditions

Kosher swordfish, buffalo meat, cow's udders and even locust – these are just some of the "delicacies" that were served Thursday night in an unusual feast held in Jerusalem.


The unusual event was attended by rabbis, professors, zoologists and chefs who were to feast on the meat of rare animals and birds. The people behind the initiative are Dr. Ari Greenspan from Efrat and Dr. Ari Zivotofsky from Beit Shemesh, who have spent years documenting and preserving the tradition of "pure animals."


The two compiled an initial list of animals with obvious kosher characteristics which were consumed by Jews throughout history, according to many sources. The list contains such animals as the deer, ibex, buffalo, pheasant, sparrow, partridge, pigeons, guineafowl and more.

באדיבות halachicadventures

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The two explained that with the development of the industrialized food market and collective slaughtering, traditions on the kashrut of many species of birds and animals were in danger of being forgotten.


They therefore regard the feast as a one-of-a-kind educational and gastronomical event. The two promised that the feast would include rare kosher delicacies and offer a halachic adventure incorporating the study of Torah and Jewish history.


Greenspan, a qualified mohel, dentist and researcher of worldwide Jewish communities and ancient Judaica items, said: "Orthodox Judaism observes the Jewish tradition on matters of halacha, but it seems not effort has been made to preserve the kashrut traditions. As the people who preserve these traditions are very old, we have an obligation to document their knowledge."


Dudi Goldman contributed to this report



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