Convicted Hungarian pedophile
Photo: Courtesy of Population and Immigration Authority
The note found in his pocket
Photo: Courtesy of Population and Immigration Authority

Pedophile arrested dressed as haredi

Hungarian wanted by Interpol caught in Jerusalem disguised as Orthodox Jew with note to kids

The Immigration Authority's Oz unit on Wednesday arrested a Hungarian national who has been wanted by Interpol for a number of years.


The man, who has been living in Israel for 11 years, had been convicted of pedophilia in his own country and sentenced to four years behind bars, but managed to escape. The authorities are checking whether he has harmed any children in Israel.


At the end of 1998, the man, aged 48, was convicted of pedophilia against two children under the age of 14. He escaped from imprisonment in 1999 and came to Israel as a tourist.


He later met an Israeli citizen, married her, and started the process of obtaining status in Israel. He even requested citizenship from the High Court, but his request was denied.


Some years later the two separated, and his divorced wife, who had known since 2007 that he was wanted by Interpol, contacted the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


In recent years he had worked in a large beverages company. He was arrested early Wednesday morning by the "Oz" unit in a central Jerusalem apartment, disguised as an Orthodox Jew. He had a Hebrew note in his possession reading, "Hi sweet children, greetings to the grandchildren."


The Population and Immigration Authority said that the information and note would be given to the police, and that they would request extradition. It is also thought the man is involved in open cases of pedophilia in the Jerusalem area.



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