Tel Aviv. New target (archives)
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Iran official: We'll burn down Tel Aviv in case of attack

Islamic Republic's UN envoy says preoccupation with Israeli strike symbolizes 'enemies' fear'

Iran's UN Ambassador Mohammed Khazaee said over the weekend that should Israel attack his country's nuclear facilities "Tehran will burn down Tel Aviv." The ambassador, currently visiting Iran, told local press that preoccupation with an Israeli attack signifies "the enemies' fear."


Tensions surrounding Iran's nuclear program grew in recent weeks mainly over sanctions imposed by the UN, United States, European Union and other countries following Tehran's refusal to meet the Security Council's demands.


According to the envoy, the West uses the nuclear issue as an excuse. "Should we announce we're withdrawing the nuclear program and uranium enrichment, actions against Iran will not stop and they will find a new excuse to confront Iran every day."


He further noted that should the Islamic Republic back out on the program, "enemies would only find other excuses to terrorize the Iranian regime."


Iranian officials have commented on the matter from time to time and warned Israel and the US of a military strike. They insist Tehran's nuclear program is meant for civilian purposes and not for the development of an atom bomb, as the West asserts.



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