IDF troops on northern border
Photo: Reuters
Jordan mediating between Israel, Lebanon
Jordanian PM contacts states after border incident. 'No point in escalating tensions,' he says

Jordan has contacted Lebanon and Israel to avoid escalating tensions between the two states following a serious border incident in which an IDF lieutenant-colonel was killed, the Jordanian Prime Minister said.


"We used all diplomatic channels, on instructions from the king, to ensure that all parties understand that there is no point in escalating tension at this difficult time," said Samir Rifai.


He expressed hope that "what happened will be merely an incident, and we can move forward and focus on more important issues, including how to achieve peace in the region".


Syrian President Bashar Assad met Wednesday afternoon with Druze chieftain Walid Jumblatt, the official SANA reported. The report said Assad was concerned about the border incident and "the consequences of the Israeli attack on the region". Aside from Lt. Col. Dov (Berry) Harari, three Lebanese soldiers were also killed.


Jumblatt praised Assad for standing beside Lebanon "before the threats and attacks by Israel", and stressed the importance of his recent Beirut visit along with Saudi King Abdullah.


"The aim of Israel's attack on Lebanon was to harm efforts at achieving stability, especially following the triple summit in Beirut Friday. The international community must take responsibility and deter Israel in order to prevent it from attacking other countries in the region," the sides said in a statement after the meeting.



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