Rabbi Motty Elon. Recommended for trial
Photo: Gili Eliyahu

Police: Charge Rabbi Elon with sexual abuse

Police say there is enough evidence to indict Religious-Zionist leader, half a year after religious forum charged with handling sexual harassment cases announces he violated agreement barring him from rabbinical activity

The police announced on Sunday that there is enough evidence against Rabbi Mordechai (Motty) Elon, who is suspected of committing indecent acts by force against two minors, to put him on trial.


The investigation material was handed over to the Jerusalem District Prosecution, which is slated to hold a hearing prior to submitting an indictment against Elon.


In February, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein asked that a police investigation be launched against the rabbi following complaints of sexual harassment published by the Takana forum. Elon, a senior rabbi in the Religious-Zionism movement, was banned from any and all rabbinical and pedagogical activity four years ago.


The affair became public when rabbis and academicians published an announcement linking Elon to a sex scandal after the rabbi violated the agreement limiting his activities.


The announcement published by the Takana forum, the Religious-Zionist body charged with handling cases of sexual abuse among the movement's leaders, claimed that a specially organized team had been dealing with Elon's case for some time after receiving complaints of "acts contrary to the values of holiness and morality."


A team working under the auspices of the police's Lahav Unit succeeded in reaching a number of complainants, young boys who had allegedly been sexually assaulted by Elon. During the investigation, one of the witnesses agreed to give a full detailed testimony incriminating Rabbi Elon of committing indecent acts on him when he was a minor.


The investigators examined other leads that corroborated the complainant's testimony.


Rabbi Elon was summoned for investigation under warning on suspicions that he sexually assaulted the said witness. During the investigation, another minor told of indecent acts that the rabbi committed against him, prompting a second investigation of the rabbi.


Upon conclusion of the investigation, the team wrote, "A wide range of evidence has been found against Rabbi Elon for committing indecent acts by force and indecent acts against a minor."


Elon's legal counsel, Attorney Yair Golan, said, "We are convinced that a thorough examination will clarify that the rabbi did not commit any offense, and, ultimately, we hope that an indictment will not be filed against him. Rabbi Elon cooperated during his investigation, answered all questions asked, and denied committing any offense. Rabbi Elon will continue to fight for the truth and his good reputation."



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