A. Rudy next to Hula Valley waters
B. Buffalos in Hula Valley (Rudy wrote 'bizon')
C. Rudy's clinical lab from the inside
D-E. Rudy treats patients from a Bedouin tribe, June 1935
F. Next to Hula swamps, summer of 1935
G. Rudy (R) in a Safed hotel, summer of 1935

From Germany to Israel in pictures – part 2

We continue Dr. Rudy Goldstein's travels in the Land of Israel in 1930s, which took him by train to the places where he helped heal patients across the country: Rosh Pina in the Galilee, the Hula Valley and its swamps, the Mishmar Hayarden colony and even the Hartuv colony

When I began documenting the albums of Dr. Rudy Goldstein, I estimated we would present the album's stories as a three-part series. Today I'm no longer certain we'll only have three parts, as the albums have revealed a lot of interesting material.



It was very difficult comprehending the doctor's handwriting on the photos. If any of the readers is willing to try to try it out, I would gladly send them copies of this handwriting.


I would like to thank Ruti Levana, a family relative, for updates and new information on Rudy's life.


1. In March 1935, Rudy (L) arrives at the Rosh Pina colony. Hula Valley can be seen in the back


2. On the backdrop of Rosh Pina, Dr. Rudy (R) and Dr. Albrecht, March 1935


3-4. Rosh Pina houses. If you know anything about the tenants, tell us




5. Rosh Pina, April 1935. Malaria research. Rudy on the right along with another doctor – Magnes (the other names are incomprehensible)

6. 'Rosh Pina, 25.4.1935 – Meir, Erna Cohen? Bertold Lindner' (Rudy second from the left)


7. Two cute girls (perhaps those seen in photo 6)


8. Rudy wrote on the back of the photo: 'Mallaha, 1.4.1935, clinical lab? Ahmed Abu al-Hani'


A Bedouin tribe lives on the banks of the Hula Valley, where Rudy set up his lab. Members of this tribe were pushed aside by the Arabs and forced to live in huts near the Hula swamps, where they suffered from malaria and other infectious diseases. Today the Mallaha area is known as Eynan Lake


9. September 1935, Rudy at the eucalyptus grove near the colony of Mishmar Hayarden, which was founded in 1890. The colony was destroyed on June 10, 1948 in its members' heroic battle against an armed Syrian division, which invaded the Land of Israel through the Bnot Yaakov Bridge. This year the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites began setting up a memorial for the colony

10. At the Mishmar Hayarden colony. Rudy wearing a hat, July 1935


11. At the Mishmar Hayarden colony. Rudy (R), July 1935. Schneider house


12. July 1935, the ridge built by the British near the old Bnot Yaakov Bridge, at the foot of the Mishmar Hayarden colony


13. The quarantine for animals and the custom house on the eastern side of Bnot Yaakov Bridge


14. Railway station near Hartuv, December 1935


15. Hartuv, December 1935


16-17. Rudy added to the album two photos of the Hartuv colony from the 1920s (before his arrival in the Land of Israel). Hartuv was destroyed in the 1929 riots (the photos apparently show the colony before and after the destruction)




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