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US: Israeli 'serial killer' agrees to return to Michigan

Elias Abuelazam, suspected of series of stabbing attacks including five murders, enters Atlanta courtroom in handcuffs, without a lawyer. After judge explains procedure, suspect waives right to flight extradition order

WASHINGTON - Elias Abuelazam, the former Israeli suspected in five murders and 13 stabbing attacks in three states in the US, agreed to be extradited from Georgia to the state of Michigan, where he is charged with one murder and suspected of four others.


The 33-year-old Abuelazam appeared in the Atlanta courtroom for the first time since he was arrested on board a Delta flight to Tel Aviv.


Abuelazam's killing spree allegedly began on May 24, and ended on August 7. In Michigan, he is suspected of 14 stabbing incidents including the murder of David Motley on May 24, Emmanuel Dent on June 21, Darwin Marshall on July 26, Frank Kellybrew on July 30 and Arnold Minor on August 7.


He is also suspected of three stabbings in the town of Leesburg, Virginia and another attack in Toledo, Ohio. At least 16 of his victims were African-American.


The suspect entered the courtroom in handcuffs and without an attorney. He seemed flustered and did not understand the meaning of the extradition order.


Abuelazam initially said he would rather remain in Georgia, but when Justice Richard Hicks explained to him his rights and clarified that he would eventually be extradited at the end of a 90 day period, Abuelazam waived his right to require the governor of Michigan to send an extradition order to Atlanta.


"It sounds more logical to go right now than to wait three months," Abuelazam told the judge.


It should be noted that the suspect's attorney only arrived in Atlanta after the hearing, and he may request another hearing.


The state of Michigan does not have the death penalty, meaning it would be in Abuelazam's favor to be extradited there. However, if turns out he was behind a murder in the State of Virginia, where the death penalty exists, the prosecution may wish to try him there. Virginia police are looking into Abuelazam's possible involvement in the murder of a citizen by the name of Jamie Lynn inside the state's boundaries about a year-and-a-half ago.


Meanwhile, a police investigation revealed that a line of failures prevented Abuelazam from being arrested sooner. For example, Virginia police found a knife and hammer in Abuelazam's car during a routine traffic stop last week. The vehicle was confiscated, but Abuelazam was released.


When he returned to collect his vehicle in Arlington, he was not arrested because his sketch had not been distributed. Since the day, Abuelazam allegedly managed to attack three more people and commit his last murder.


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