Itay Ben-Dror in court (archives)
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Man indicted for murdering his 3 kids

Indictment states Itay Ben-Dror planned murder as act of revenge against his ex-wife, who was celebrating her birthday. Mother's brother: Death penalty would prevent future murders

An indictment was filed Monday with the Petah Tikva District Court against Itay Ben-Dror, who is suspected of murdering his three children – Roni, Omer and Or – in the city of Netanya.


According to the indictment, in early July 2010, Ben-Dror decided to cause the death of his three children while they visited him over the weekend, as an act of revenge against his ex-wife, Lilach Shem-Tov, who was celebrating her birthday that same weekend.


The indictment was filed by Attorney Tamar Zango Gershon of the Central District Prosecutor's Office. It states that in order to carry out the murder, Ben-Dror purchased a sharp meat knife with an 18-centimeter (7-inch) blade. Several days later, he bought a cleaver as well. He hid the two knives on top of the fridge in his apartment.

Ben-Dror's ex-wife, Lilach, in court (Photo: Yaron Brener)


In addition, the indictment says, Ben-Dror purchased scotch tape in order to bind the children during the murder, as well as a large amount of sleeping pills and tranquilizers and alcohol to be used for suicide after the murder.


On July 16, he asked his brother for national insurance funds and received NIS 2,000 (about $526). He transferred NIS 500 ($131) to his ex-wife as part of the alimony.


On July 21, Ben-Dror wrote suicide notes carrying the date of July 24, in which he detailed the reasons for killing the children. That same day he prepared a bag with clothes, toiletries and money, and attached a note to the bag saying that it should be taken to the hospital in case he failed to kill himself. He also prepared a letter with a copy of his identity card, in which he wrote that he was mentally ill, as well as the phone numbers of his relatives and a friend.


That Friday, several hours before the murder, Ben-Dror and his three children left his apartment in Netanya. They went to a hairdresser, coffee shop and circus before returning home.

Ben-Dror with his children. Stabbed them dozens of times (Reproduction photo: Doron Golan)


Before they went into bed, Ben-Dror crushed sleeping pills into the children's ice tea. At around 9 pm, he took a tranquilizer and searched on the internet for the location of the main blood vessels in the human body in order to stab the children in the "right places" and lead to their quick death.


According to the incitement, he killed the three children by covering their faces with a towel and stabbing them dozens of times. After he was done, he placed the three bodies on a mattress and covered them with a sheet.


Immediately afterwards, according to his lawyer, Attorney Ran Alon, Ben-Dror "drank whiskey, swallowed pills and cut his veins, and he went to sleep with them, hugging and kissing them the whole night."


According to the indictment, hours later, at around 9 am on Saturday, Ben-Dror's father called him and asked to take his three grandchildren for breakfast. The son responded that the children were asleep and told him not to come.


Two hours later, the indictment says, "the defendant's father called for a second time and the defendant told him again that they were all sleeping. The defendant's response raised the father's suspicions, and he immediately arrived at the apartment and discovered the horrifying disaster."


'Sane person doesn't do such things'

Lilach's brother, Albert, said shortly before the indictment was filed, "We now know that he planned this event at least one month before it happened. This shows us that he is sane. Even his computer is filled with data showing he checked how to commit the murder.


"If the murderer knew he could face a death sentence, this murder would have been avoided. He is a coward and did not try to commit suicide. He has already had six or seven suicide attempts and failed all of them. I would like a death sentence in the State of Israel. This is the only thing that will prevent the next murders. Parents who know a death sentence awaits them will think twice," he said.


Lilach's sister, Dalia, said: "He did everything out of pure cruelty. How can a father stab his children 36 times? This is a lowlife who was only guided by revenge. We know it's going to be difficult, but we must be strong. He is a sane person and can face trial."


Another sister, Galia, spoke about the mother's condition. "It's very hard for her. She's in my home when she breaks down, cries and screams. I have no answers and don't know what to tell her. A sane person doesn't do such things. He wanted revenge, so he did it on her birthday."



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