Injaz removed from embassy, Tuesday night
Photo: Ofer Amram

Turkey asks Israel to boost security around embassy

Hurriyet newspaper reports embassy turned to Israeli authorities following 'weak point in security measures' revealed in Tuesday's incident. According to police version, Palestinian collaborator entered building at embassy's approval

Turkey has asked Israel to step up the level of security around its embassy building in Tel Aviv, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported Wednesday, quoting diplomatic sources in Ankara.


The request was made after Palestinian collaborator caused mayhem at the Turkish Embassy on Tuesday, threatening to take hostages using a knife and a toy gun and demanding political asylum. The man was eventually shot and injured.


This incident proved there is a weak spot in security," one of the sources told the newspaper. "The outcome of the attack would have been worse had our security people not acted on time."


According to the Hurriyet report, embassy officials have asked the authorities in Israel to beef up the security measures.


The Israelis and the Turks have offered different versions as to the circumstances of Tuesday's incident.


According to the briefing given by the embassy officials to the Tel Aviv police, the Palestinian man – Nadim Injaz – jumped over the embassy fence in an area not covered by the security cameras, walked to the back of the building and climbed to the second floor through the gutter. He entered through the window and reached the room of the deputy consul-general, demanding political asylum.


The police have rejected this version, claiming that Injaz entered the building at the embassy's approval.


The newspaper also reported that, by coincidence, the security measures around the Israeli Embassy in Ankara were reduced on Tuesday following a court order. Barriers placed at the front of the building were removed.


Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek explained that the barriers were set up in the area at the request of the Israeli Embassy, but that in 2006 a city resident petitioned the court, demanding that they be removed as they disrupt the freedom of movement. His request was denied, but he appealed to a higher court and won.


"We removed the barriers due to a court order," the mayor explained.



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