Hezbollah fighter in Lebanon
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Ground Zero in NY – Qaeda wants same in Israel
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Arab terrorists preparing for war with Israel

Hezbollah reportedly builds tunnel system 'more impressive than Paris underground' to counter IDF strikes; Yemenite Qaeda leader tells followers to prepare for Israel-Iran war, urges pilots to replicate 9/11 attacks in Israel

Hezbollah built an elaborate network of tunnels that will allow its members to fight a future war against Israel without being exposed to Air Force bombardments and IDF surveillance, a Kuwaiti newspaper says.


According to a report published by the al-Rai newspaper, the tunnel network "is more impressive than the Paris underground," and is meant to prevent the IDF from gravely hurting Hezbollah by aerial or ground attacks.


The report also claimed Hezbollah created an underground system of weapon caches, and that additional warehouses were dispersed in different locations above ground, so they are not damaged by IDF attacks, as was the case during the Second Lebanon War.


Al-Qaeda wants 9/11 in Israel 

Meanwhile, al-Qaeda is preparing its fighters in the Arabian peninsula for the possibility of an Iran-Israel warn, urging Arab pilots to crash into targets in Israel.


A terror leader in Yemen urged Jihad supporters to exploit a future war between the Jewish State and the Ayatollah regime in order to advance al-Qaeda's causes, the Daily Beast website reported.


The deputy chief of al-Qaeda's arm in Yemen, Saeed al-Shehri, told supporters via an audio message that a war is expected to break out after Israel will strike Tehran's nuclear facilities, prompting a chain reaction that would lead to an all-out regional war.


Sheri then calls on Arab Air Force pilots who endorse the cause of Jihad to fly their planes into Israeli targets, replicating the September 11 attacks. He also urged followers with access to top Arab leaders to assassinate them, similarly to the killing of "tyrant Anwar Sadat," the Egyptian president murdered by Islamic radicals.


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