'Thought I was going to die.' Angel
Photo: Yaron Brener
Angel's relatives at remand hearing
Photo: Ofer Amram

Gay teen kidnapped by family: They threatened to kill me

Nineteen-year-old drag queen says was beaten, kidnapped twice by relatives who want to 'set him back on right path'

Angel, 19, was sitting in the Yiftah District Police offices, trying to recuperate from the traumatic event he endured after being kidnapped by family members for the second time.


The young homosexual, who performs as a drag-queen, grew up in the Arab village of Tamra, in northern Israel.


A year and a half ago, Angel moved to Tel Aviv, but his family members, who strongly opposed his lifestyle, continued to harass him in an attempt to "set him back on the right path."


"I started working as a drag-queen, and after my photos appeared on the internet, I started receiving threats," Angel told Ynet.


"At first they told me 'take the pictures off the internet, or we'll kill you.' I was surprised, but moved on as usual. I had a good relationship with my family, so I ignored it," he said. 


Angel in his drag costume


However, three months ago, Angel discovered that a few of his relatives declared an all-out war against his sexual preferences.


This is when he was first kidnapped and taken to his family's house up north, where "they threatened me, hit me and tied me in handcuffs.


"Somehow," he recalled, "I managed to call my friend, and he called the police – but they accidentally came to my uncle's house, because we have the same surname. My family found out the police came and released me."


After the first kidnapping Angel returned to Tel Aviv, but the threats continued.


"I considered filing a police complaint, but then I spoke with my family. There was an upcoming wedding, so everyone pretended that everything was OK," he said, adding "I believed them, but then they tried to threaten me again, so I escaped."


The latest incident, and perhaps the most severe, took place on Monday. According to Angel, "They came to my house, beat me and my friend, and kidnapped me.


"I was certain that I was going to die, and they also told me so," he added," Luckily my friend called the police, so by the time we reached the house the police came and rescued my life. I hope it never happens again."


Angel claimed all his attempts to explain his situation to his family fell on deaf ears. "They don’t understand the situation – it is unacceptable to them. They want me to get married; but I don’t care about these things. I just want to live my life the way I live it today."



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