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Likud MK: Attack proves Palestinians don't want peace

Attack shows world Israel seeks peace, Palestinians want violence, Likud MK Akunis says

Tuesday's lethal shooting attack near Hebron "proves once again that the Palestinians do not want peace, Likud Knesset Member Ofir Akunis said Tuesday evening.


Four Israelis were murdered in the attack after their vehicle was ambushed by terrorists.


"Even when Israel reaches out to them, the Palestinians make every effort cut its hand off brutally," he said. "The whole world can see tonight that Israel desires peace while the Palestinians want violence and terror."


Meanwhile, Defense Minister Ehud Barak spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and updated him on Tuesday's shooting attack. Barak also spoke with acting Prime Minister Silvan Shalom.


"This is a very serious incident," Barak said. "The IDF and security services will do everything to get their hands on the murderers. Israel will not allow any terror element to raise its head and will exact the price from the murderers and those who sent them.


"This is an attempt by vile terrorist to hurt efforts to jumpstart the peace process and try to hurt the chances of the direct talks opening in Washington," he said.


After the attack, the Yesha Council urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to return to Israel. The Council's Director-General Naftali Bennett told Ynet the assailants apparently fled the scene via a route opened as part of the gestures to the Palestinians. "We learn that every gesture begets more terror and are hurting over the horrible murder of four Israelis.


"This is a massacre that is not meant to foil talks, but is a direct result of negotiations and talks of concessions. The prime minister, who cancelled his trip to the US due to the flotilla and death of the Turks, must now cancel his visit and be in Israel at the time of such a barbaric terror attack."


'Talks always lead to murder of Jews'

Coalition Chairman and Land of Israel Lobby head Zeev Elkin said: "Unfortunately, all warnings that the policy of removing checkpoints and concessions to the Palestinians would lead to terror did materialize."


"Defense Minister Barak must take responsibility for the security of the citizens of Israel instead of serving as the foreign minister and deal with diplomacy," he said.


Meanwhile, Kiryat Arba Council Head, Malachi Levinger, said that "again it was proven that diplomatic talks with the Palestinians are always accompanied by terrorism and the murder of Jews."


"We urge the prime minister to announce that the response to the attack is the resumption of construction across Judea and Samaria and an end to the gestures to the Palestinians," he said.


Aviel Magnezi contributed to the article




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