'Use all means to battle phenomenon.' Ne'eman
Photo: Yaron Brener

Justice minister: Illegal aliens existential threat

In speech to Israel Bar Association, Ne'eman harshly criticizes Supreme Court, police. 'State is facing existential threat in light of infiltration,' he says

In a speech marking the opening of the year at the Israel Bar Association's Tel Aviv Central District, Justice Minister Yackov Ne'eman slammed the High Court of Justice and the police.


Ne'eman spoke fiercely against illegal alients infiltrating Israel en masse, saying "the State of Israel is facing an existential threat in light of the waves of infiltrators coming through our border with Egypt.


"Every month, some 1,200 illegal immigrants from different countries infiltrate Israel," he said.


"Look what is happening in Eilat or Arad," the minister added, "I don't know if you've visited the Central Bus Station lately, but what's happening there is awful. It's a terrible phenomenon for the State."


'Alcohol law not enfoced,' Ne'eman (Photo: Yaron Brener)


Ne'eman noted that "our duty is to use all means at our disposal to battle this phenomenon, which affects each and every resident in the State of Israel.


"In the past two months, the different governmental ministries have worked professionally to battle the phenomenon, and we are hopeful that we will eventually implement legislation that will determine Israel's entry policy, in order to protect the residents of the State of Israel from the grave phenomenon of infiltration," he said.


In his speech, Ne'eman also leveled criticism at the police for not enforcing the new Alcohol law, and for not doing enough to battle traffic violations.


"On my way here, I witnessed dozens of traffic violations that were not enforced," he said. "I am in favor of confiscating vehicles of drivers who fail to stop at a stop sign for a period of five years."


Referring to the new alcohol law, Ne'eman added, "The law exists, but is not enforced properly."


Despite his many grievances, Ne'eman also praised the justice system, saying "I am glad that the phenomenon of postponing hearing has slowly been fading away.


"There are many other steps that have been implemented this year in the justice system," he said, noting the establishment of a financial court that "addresses complex issues in a professional and qualitative manner, and has excellent judges."



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