General Adnan Damiri
Photo: Asam Rimawee
Scene of Wednesday's attack. Two injured
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Scene of Tuesday's attack. Four killed
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Image from Hamas propaganda film

PA official: Hamas will strike again

Commander in Palestinian security organizations says latest terror spree an attempt by Islamist group to disrupt peace talks, warns Hamas' terror effort will increase as negotiations progress

Hamas will try to execute more terror attacks against Israelis in the West Bank, a Palestinian Authority source told Ynet on Thursday night.


General Adnan Damiri, a commander and spokesman for the Palestinian Security and Police Forces, said that the PA's security forces were "on high alert." Our premise, he added, is that Hamas "will attempt to launch more attacks and that the settlers will try to expand their retaliatory acts, as well."


The past three days have seen three attacks against Israelis: Tuesday saw four Israelis killed near Mount Hebron, Wednesday saw two Israelis injured near Ramallah, and Thursday saw a 12-year old girl wounded in a stoning attack at Tapuach Junction.


Hamas has been celebrating the terror spree, distributing films reenacting the first two terror attacks, in which actors pose as haredim and are shot by Palestinian terrorists.


General Damiri said that both history and statistics prove that Hamas will try to disrupt the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, just as it did in 1996 and 1997.


"As the negotiations progress, if they see it stands a chance, Hamas will attempt to step up the attacks."

Palestinian organizations' summit in Gaza (Photo: AFP)


The Palestinian general added that the weakness lies with areas which are under Israeli security control: "Hamas would not dare launch attacks in areas under our control. The Israelis should reconsider their stance and see why attacks are launched from Area C, which is under (Israel's) complete security control."


Damiri added that the PA warned Israel that those areas have become hotbeds of organized criminal activity, as well as for militants and radicals.


He also confirmed that Palestinian security forces have arrested dozens of suspects since Tuesday's terror attack: "We have no problem arresting anyone who breaks the law, tries of violate it, or harm the PA's political commitments. We arrest members of all organizations who threaten to upset law and order, and our commitments."


General Damiri also said that the Palestinian Authority recognized a joint effort by the "enemies of peace" – on both sides – to disrupt the peace process. "This is Hamas' 'death project,' as opposed to the PA's 'life and peace project.'"


Israel, he continues, must overcome its fear and afford the Palestinian security forces full control of all areas.


"I say to all Israelis – we can do this. We have the ability, the capability and the motivation to introduce law and order across the West Bank. We have proven ourselves, and you have to wonder why the areas we control are run in an exemplary manner, security wise; while Area C and the grey areas have criminal and militant activity, the result of which we have seen in the past few days."




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