Yigal Amir
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Amir complains of prison conditions

Rabin's killer claims 15-year solitary confinement worse than conditions terrorists are held under

Yigal Amir, who assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, told the Petah Tikvah District Court Monday that he and his brother Hagai were being kept in the worst prison conditions in Israel's history.


Amir said the time the two have spent in solitary cells exceeds that of any other prisoner, even those held for acts of terror.


"Even security prisoners, Hamas prisoners, Raed Salah, and Marwan Barghouti are not kept separate," he told the court.


"The Shin Bet claims there is intelligence but at the same time they say they have nothing new since 2003. I am considered a high-risk prisoner despite the facts that I do not answer to the criteria of a high-risk prisoner. My brother and I have been living in separation for 15 years – the only ones in Israel."


Amir asked for a trial period in a different wing of the prison, demanding as part of his request that it be carried out before Rosh Hashana, which will be celebrated on Wednesday.


"I want to declare that what I did was a one-time thing and that I have no (political) doctrine to spread. The Shin Bet has a personal vendetta against me, as it had with Haim Pearlman. Even Mordechai Vanunu spent just 14 years in separation," he said, referring to a spy who sold Israeli nuclear secrets.


In a hearing held on Amir four months ago, the prosecution told the Supreme Court that he should not be placed with other prisoners because "there is information that proves Amir wants to spread his doctrine amongst his circle of fans".


"Amir continues to hold on to his extreme doctrine, which justifies violent action against government officials with the aim of influencing their policies. There is a danger that he will influence others to carry out actions similar to his own."


The prosecutor added that Amir's life was in danger, as other prisoners may attempt to take revenge for his crime.



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