Settlers threaten to topple Bibi
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Settlers threaten to topple Netanyahu

Settlers upset over PM remarks suggesting partial construction freeze in store, say such move would terminate his term in office; Netanyahu again betraying his voters, settler leader says

Settler leaders are infuriated over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks Sunday suggesting that a partial settlement construction freeze will continue even after the end of the month.


The settlers are warning that such move would terminate the PM's tern in office.


Speaking Sunday, the prime minister referred to "midway options," for the first time hinting that the settlement freeze will not end in late September as promised initially.


Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan told Ynet that he expects the prime minister to deliver on the pledges he made in November 2009.


"The miserable cabinet decision, which brought the freeze upon us, also included a pledge to return to full construction after 10 months," he said. "Any deviation from this pledge would be akin to an ongoing freeze through other means."


Dayan warned that an ongoing construction freeze would constitute the crossing of a red line.


"This is proof that any position presented by the government is merely an opening for more concessions," he said. "While the Palestinian return to the path of terror and arrogantly reject the notion of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, we must not stutter, blink, or become anxious – instead, we must go back to building."


Meanwhile, settlers held a protest outside the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, as Netanyahu shared his views on the freeze with Likud ministers. The settlers brought a display showing a government session on a truck, with a sign reading: "Bibi repeats the Sharon precedent." The settlers sat around the improvised government table donning Sharon, Netanyahu, Deri, and Olmert masks, saying the four figures switched their political agenda from Right to Left.


'Bibi wants to be Sharon'

The prime minister's comments were also met by harsh responses in the joint headquarters of the Binyamin and Samaria Settlers' Committee.


Lt. Col. (res.) Itzik Shadmi, who serves as chairman of the Binyamin Settlers' Committee, said: "Netanyahu has again proven his lack of credibility and his disloyalty to his voters. After he agreed to another Arab country in the heart of our land and after he betrayed us regarding construction in Judea and Samaria, he is betraying us a third time with his declarations that he will extend the construction moratorium."


Shadmi said that building must resume in Judea and Samaria to its past levels.


"If this doesn't happen, we must do everything in order to remove Netanyahu from power and replace him with someone more dependable," he said.


Settler rally in Jerusalem (Photo: Miryam Tzachi)


Samaria Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika also came out against the prime minister.


"There is a limit to the lack of credibility, even for a politician like Bibi. A limited renewal of building in a small minority of Judea and Samaria on less than 6% of the territory alone is a declaration of the beginning of the expulsion of most residents from 94% of the land," he said.


Mesika also said that the rightist national camp will take action to switch Israel's prime minister.


"A declaration on the continuation of the freeze, even under one guise or another, will be a declaration of the end of the Netanyahu administration, which was elected on the votes of the national camp but is trying to carry out the policies of Balad," he said.


Mesika compared Netanyahu to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.


"Netanyahu apparently wants to be like Sharon. The national camp will spit him out him and will topple his government," he said.



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