Worshippers return from Uman (archives)
Photo: Avi Mualem

Draft-dodgers removed from Uman-bound planes

Some 90 Israelis wanted by Military Police taken off planes carrying passengers making annual pilgrimage to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's gravesite; two young men detained for unruly behavior on flight back from Ukraine

During the Jewish New Year, police removed some 160 passengers from planes bound for Uman, Ynet learned Wednesday.


Some 22,000 people made the annual pilgrimage from Israel to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's gravesite in the Ukrainian city over the holiday.


Ninety-one of the passengers who were taken off the planes are wanted for questioning by Military Police for allegedly dodging army service. The rest are involved in cases related to Israel's Execution Office.


In an unrelated incident, two young men returning from Uman Monday night allegedly threw their handbags at the Ukrainian flight attendants, demanded alcoholic beverages and even smoked on the plane.


The flight attendants, some of whom were injured in the incident, filed a complaint with Ben Gurion Airport police. The young men were held for questioning and later released, but they will apparently be indicted.


Another six Israelis who traveled to Uman were detained for holding fake passports.


Eli Senyor contributed to the report  



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