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Doctor says Netanyahu in good health

In accordance with protocol, prime minister's doctor issues annual report on leader's health, praises him for leading healthy lifestyle, which includes walking and lifting weights

After the deterioration of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's health, Israel is particular cautious about the prime minister's medical condition. In accordance with the prime minister's medical treatment protocol, the annual report on the head of state was published on Sunday, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was found to be in good health.


The report, which was written by head of the prime minister's medical team Dr. Zvi Herman Berkowitz, noted that the 61-year-old Netanyahu underwent a battery of extensive medical tests. The results of the tests were all normal.


Netanyahu underwent tests for his blood sugar levels, cholesterol. In addition, his digestive and urinary systems were examined, as were his nose, ears, and throat.


However, the prime minister's blood pressure was found to be a bit high, and he is taking medication that brings his blood pressure down to a normal level of 120/80.


The prime minister was praised for leading a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating and exercise. The report noted that Netanyahu works out a number of times per week, including 40-minute walks and weightlifting. He recently underwent a stress test. The results were good, aside from a recommendation that he shed a few extra kilograms.


In June 2009, Prime Minister Netanyahu was absent from a weekly cabinet meeting due to "personal reasons." Rumors started to spread, but the cabinet secretary rushed to issue a statement that the prime minister merely needed to receive medical treatment for a particle that was lodged in his eye. The hospital prescribed him a salve and released him to return to work.



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