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Upham will be accompanied by Israel Chamber Orchestra (archives)

'Love Revealed' debuts in Jerusalem

Christian American composer Esther Upham presents her oratorio 'Ahava Mitgala' as theme of hope for Israel, Jewish people

While anti-Semitism and sentiment against Israel is growing and international performers boycott the nation, one artist is bringing a message of comfort for the Jewish state.


Esther Upham, a Christian American composer, will debut her oratorio, “Ahava Mitgala” (Love Revealed), in Jerusalem during the High Holidays. This classical has a theme of hope for Israel and the Jewish people.


Upham, a pianist and composer, drew her inspiration from scripture and from living in Israel for two years as she composed this 15-song piece.


The piece, in Hebrew, will debut on Tuesday at the YMCA on King David Street. Upham, who will play the piano, will be accompanied by the Israel Chamber Orchestra conducted by Elli Jaffe together with the Jerusalem A-Cappella Singers directed by Judi Axelrod.


“The theme of Ahava Mitgala is an expression of God’s love and the continued covenant promises that he has made to Israel, both the land and the people,” Upham says.


Her inspiration for writing the oratorio came from the biblical text but also from living in Israel.


“Living with the people, seeing the beauty of the land - its not something that you see so much as you feel,” Upham says. “You feel God’s love even more when you’re here. And I wanted to express that.”


The oratorio, in Hebrew, is a journey through scripture beginning with verses from Song of Songs to Jeremiah, Hosea, Zechariah and Proverbs. The piece is written for strings, oboe, piano and trumpet and the orchestra is comprised of about 30 instruments.


"Ahava Mitgala" will debut at the YMCA on Tuesday, September 28 at 8:30 pm. The performance is free.



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