Peddi Sukkah in Manhattan
Photo: Rabbi Uriel Vigler
Ariel Stern, Rabbi Vigler’s assistant, performing mitzvah
Photo: Rabbi Uriel Vigler

Chabad presents: Sukkah on bicycle

Rabbi Uriel Vigler makes history on Upper East Side of Manhattan by allowing Jews to enter sukkah and perform necessary holiday mitzvot on streets of New York

Chabad emissary Rabbi Uriel Vigler has created the very first Peddi Sukkah – a sukkah on a bicycle, making history on the Upper East Side of Manhattan by allowing Jews to enter a sukkah and perform the necessary mitzvot of the Lulav and Etrog of Sukkot on the streets of New York.


The idea of creating and building a Peddi Sukkah in New York was conceived by a 16-year-old Chabad student, Levi Duchman.


With space is at a fine premium in Manhattan, most Jews don’t have the room to build a sukkah in their yards, forcing them to not fulfill the mitzvah of eating and performing rituals of the Lulav and Etrog inside the sukkah.


Rabbi Vigler’s creation has given the Jewish community of Manhattan a way to fulfill the mitzvahs of Sukkot without needed their own sukkah.


The groundbreaking idea has already created buzz around the Jewish communities of Manhattan. Jews flocked to the Upper East Side to see the Peddi Sukka in action, while 1,000 Jews have already performed the ritual mitzvot inside the sukkah.



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