MK Michael Ben Ari
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Baruch Marzel
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Settlers threaten riots over synagogue sealing
Radical right gearing to fight decision to seal illegally built synagogue at Ma'ale Shomron settlement; warn they will stage protests, burn tires, set Palestinian farmland ablaze and block roads

The Settlement movement warned Tuesday of a harsh reaction and painful "price tag" style retaliation if authorities proceed in the plan to seal a synagogue which was illegally built in the West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Shomron.


The settlers are enraged that while legal action is taken against their prayer house, no action is being taken again an illegally built mosque in the Burin, an adjacent Palestinian village.


Elements in the far Right warned that should the synagogue be sealed, they will stage protests, burn tires, set Palestinian farmland on fire and block roads. Knesset Member Michael Ben Ari (National Union) vowed to entrench himself in the building and physically block any such attempt with his body.


"People are planning to block the entrance with their bodies and I will be joining them. We have no intention of leaving this place."


Rallying against the synagogue's sealing (Photo: Noam Moskovitz)


Despite the outrage in the far Right, and the settlers' promise to "be prepared," extreme Right sources told Ynet that the settlers do not wish to repeat the events which took place during the evacuation of Amona.


"What the government and security forces should be worried about is the reaction after the fact. Sealing the synagogue will carry an expensive, harsh price tag and sights we have seen before, like torching mosques and setting Palestinian farmlands on fire – and not necessarily immediately afterwards," a far Right source told Ynet.


According to MK Ben Ari, these statements were not made by criminal element: "These are moderate, law abiding citizens, but everyone sees this as a very aggressive move and no one plans to accept it.


"Netanyahu and Barak art fanning the flames here, especially since law enforcement across Judea and Samaria is not equal. This is just unbelievable – demolishing a synagogue right after the High Holidays."


Extreme Right activist Baruch Marzel added that "The legal system blatantly sides with the far Left and loses points by the day. This inequality screams to high heaven… the people's frustration stems from repeated lack of government reaction to terror acts and gross discrimination. Nothing is more dangerous to society than feelings of persecution and discrimination."


The Samaria Settlers Council said that they would fight the decision by all means necessary: "We are not afraid of another Amona, if that's what Bibi wants. We have taken steps to ensure activists can stay on the premises for a long time."



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