'Cruel pogrom.' Naveh
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Letter to settlers: Don’t enlist because of Naveh appointment

Rabbi who took part in pulsa denura ceremonies calling for Rabin and Sharon's death, urges hesder yeshiva students not to join army because 'criminal who destroyed northern Samaria' named as its next deputy chief

A letter being distributed throughout the West Bank is calling on Jewish settlers not to enlist in the IDF due to the appointment of Maj.-Gen. (ret) Yair Naveh as next deputy army chief.


"Naveh is the officer who commanded over the cruel and violent Amona pogrom," the letter reads. "He is also primarily responsible for the destruction of northern Samaria, from Homesh and Sa-Nur to Ganim and Kadim.


"Naveh is the officer who abandoned the soldiers of the expulsion to the care of psychologists who 'prepared them mentally' and turned them into robots. We will not forgive ourselves if we don't call on our sons not to serve in an army whose deputy chief is Naveh," said the letter, which is signed by Rabbi Yossi Dayan, whose son Hananel refused to shake hands with former Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz a few years ago.


The letter was drafted by Dayan, a resident of Psagot, and linguistics expert Ruth Izikowitz, 70, of Hod Hasharon.


"We initially posted the letter on the Internet, but after receiving numerous responses we decided to make copies and distribute it in various hesder yeshivas (program which combines advanced Talmudic studies with military service)," Dayan told Ynet. "The hesder yeshivas educate thousands of youngsters who are supposed to lead the army in the future. This is exactly the kind of place such a letter should be read."


The letter also said Naveh is a "criminal who cannot serve as deputy army chief."


Dayan, who took part in ceremonies to place a pulsa denura, a halachic death curse, on former prime ministers Ariel Sharon and Yitzhak Rabin, rejected the possibility that if people heed his call the army will not be able to protect the settlements.


"This army has not fought another army since 1973. The IDF does not help us; it gets in the way and helps the Palestinians," he said.



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