Racism fears (archives)
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Survey: 17% of Germans believe Jews have 'too much influence'

One in 10 Germans want 'new Fuehrer to lead the country with iron fist'; every third German believes foreign immigrants should be expelled if unemployment becomes problem

The "other" Germany - Sixty-five years have passed since the end of the Second World War, but even today it would seem that many Germans still cling to the prejudice and racism which the Nazi party identified with.


A new poll conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for Political Education, a foundation with close ties to the German Social Democratic party, has found that one in 10 Germans wants "a new Fuehrer to lead the country with an iron fist", and that every third German thinks all foreign immigrants should be expelled from Germany if unemployment becomes a problem. The poll consisted of 2,500 people of different ages. The results were announced on Wednesday.


Some 25% of all respondents expressed racist opinions, and 15.9% said they somewhat understood why a Fuehrer needed to be appointed; 58% of the participants claimed that Germany needed to curb the traditional Muslim lifestyle. As for anti-Semitism, 17.2% of the survey's participants supported the statement that "Jews have too much influence in the world today".


The foundation warned that there was a rise in anti-democratic and racist opinions in Germany, most likely influenced by the recent global economic crisis. In addition, researchers found that racist viewpoints existed not only on the edges of society, meaning the far right, but in all age groups and social classes, with no relation to sex or education.







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